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So just as we were finishing work today, the supervisor that was on tonight started calling for someone to come to the front door, eventually a bunch of us did and it turned out she was freaking out over an insect that came off the door when she was shutting it, one of the shift workers caught it under a plastic container then put a lid on it, the supervisor was convinced the creature was "not from this country"
It was a grasshopper. Seriously, that was my first reaction, it was a grasshopper, but because it was green the supervisor was convinced it didn't come from this country cos apparently grasshoppers over here are brown, after some internet research I found that we do get green grasshoppers and found an image of a grasshopper similar to the one we caught on image google search XD

Anyway I took it upon myself to take the grasshopper and let it go outside, took some doing but I finally got it to crawl onto a Dandelion :3 It was so cool looking!
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