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Amecon 2006 - Sunday 13th August

Sunday 13th August

So Sunday was the last day, Carly and I spent most of this day between the Dealer's room and some of the anime airings that Carly wanted to see which were really interesting! We first saw episodes 3 and 4 of "Sister Princess", I was a little confused to how the guy in it had so many sisters and how he ended up seemingly looking after them, though I read the description in the video program guide afterwards and it says they're adopted sisters. The one that seemed to be the youngest was so utterly cute though, episode 4 was all about how she had dreamt of this Teddy Bear which she was calling well...Mr. Teddy Bear, so she wanted to go looking for him XD Adorable!
The other ones we saw was episodes 1 and 2 of "Princess Tutu", a bit of an odd one that but the characters are cute, especially Duck :3 After that we went directly to see Astroboy and we managed to catch the last 20 or so minutes of episode 4 of .hack//twilight.

We went to the closing ceremony which was an hour late and very crowded X__X After that Carly went to pick up her stuff from the Bring and Buy while I waited for her in the Games room and we pretty much left after that, neither unsure whether we should attend the Cosplay Ball or not, eventually we didn't, Carly was tired and after it got dark I couldn't be bothered either and both of us had long journeys back home the next day, so in the end I decided to start packing some of my stuff that night.
I hear the Cosplay Ball kinda bombed anyway and got turned into an 80s AMV disco XD I only really wanted to go for more cosplay photos anyway, but my camera was very near to dying so it wouldn't of lasted long there XD

I believe the Yu-Gi-Oh meet was on the Sunday? Which explains why there were so many Yugioh cosplayers around that day XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Seto Kaiba VS Mai in the Dealer's room!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yami Bakura and Ryou Bakura

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yugi! (*She gave us sweets from her Millennium Puzzle candy holder XD*)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Naruto in the Dealer's room

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Naruto Group

All pictures are also here for those who might not be able to see the ones in this post: http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j316/pannedimages/Amecon%202006%20Sunday/

So yup, that was the awesome weekend :D And I came back with plenty of goodies, pocky and what seems to be a broken camera that's now refusing to charge up XD;

Anyone thinking of going to Fuyucon in Nottingham next year? I think I will sign up for that one, I doubt I'll be able to stay for any late night events unless I decide to actually stay in Nottingham for the entire con, but I'd rather just travel there and back on the train...hummm...well there's a year to decide what to do with that.
As for the whole big cons, well, Ayacon sounded like it was up in the air and I was told if Aya doesn't go ahead then Amecon will run one next year, but who knows *Shrugs* Guess we'll see XD If Aya is the one that ends up running next year I probably won't go to that one, depends on where it's being held. I looked up what trains I'd have to catch for the last place it was held (Warwick) and I'd have to change 3 times XD So if Ame is the one that does next year and they do it at the same place, I'll see if I can go to that one :3

I go back to work today XP
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