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*Draws a Transmutation Circle on you*

Your Fullmetal Alchemist life! by Deathdesu
Your name?
Your age?
Were you an alchemist?Nope. o_O
Your rank was:Nonexistant - You were not in the military.
You tended to:Draw transmutation circles on BLOODY EVERYTHING.
You made friends with:Maes Hughes
You were almost killed by:Sloth
And in the end:You lost an arm and had to get automail.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

*lol* I like it, I'm not an alchemist but I draw Transmutation circles on everything XD Sounds like something I'd do actually *lol*

Well the table was delivered, good thing I got up at 9am cos they came at 10 *lol* Now I've got to do housework....yayness...
....then I'll play on the Sims some more, I'm getting addicted again X3 I want to make a house in which Orochimaru and Itachi can live in....maybe with Good Marik *lol* Oh and Jesse from Pokémon XD
Yeees, I'm silly...
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