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Amecon 2006 - Saturday 12th August

Saturday 12th August

Ya know, while at the con I was surprisingly going to bed and getting up at decent times. Now Saturday was the day where I wore my white shirt with Togepi/Togetic symbols on the bottom of it, so if you were there and saw someone wandering about with a white shirt with Togepi symbols and brown trousers, that was me XD

Lets see, what did we do Saturday? If I remember right, Carly and I went to the dealer's room pretty early on, we did a lot of wandering around, checking out things like the bring and buy (*Got a Naruto Headband from there!*) the art room and the TCG room where I found toonmahavailo and fellow member of the Janime forums Eon Chao who were cosplaying as Amnael and Manjoume that day, so we went outside for a photo shoot! :D The wind that day was an awesome effect. Both your cosplays were really awesome~~! YAY For GX Cosplayers! I really need to get some kind of GX cosplay done for next year, I really need too just for a laugh X3 Cons need more GX cosplayers :D

Anyway what else...hummm... we watched episodes 3 and 4 of .hack//sign on Saturday too, I need to buy that show on DVD one day.

We also attended the Tea Ceremony talk by Akemi Solloway, which was quite interesting, most of it was mostly talking about various things in Japan and her trips, then she showed us how the tea ceremony goes.

We also attended some of the panels, kinda of fan to industry stuff, things like that :3 They had various people from DVD companies and such there that answered questions.

There was also the Masquerade that night which was SO MUCH FUN! The atmosphere there was lovely! The catwalk spaned through about two-three rooms, I was in the final one they walked through, the bar room. They also hit technical difficulties again but during that it was hilarious. At one part the camera in our room panned across then zoomed in on the Armstrong cosplayer, who was sat somewhere behind me (*And a little to the right*) and he instantly got up and started flexing his fake muscles and everyone started cheering XD
Then came the next fun bit, the huge group of BLEACH COSPLAYERS. They had been grouped all together right at the end so Monica Rial, who was doing the voice of the animated hostess of the Masquerade, Ame-Chan, was all "And here is so and so from BLEACH!", "And here's another one from Bleach", "And another from...er...Bleach!", "And here is so and so...also...from Bleach..." and it just continued on and on like that XD So funny!

Anyway after that was the J-Pop/Anime theme party, which is where I met the Doctor from Doctor Who cosplayer and his remote controlled Dalek. Carly and I went to check out the party while Sarah went to watch Elfen Leid. The music was...not quite what I was expecting really, it was mostly Japanese techno/dance stuff and they only played one or two anime tracks, or at least one I recognized which was the opening to "Outlaw Star", so yeah, wasn't keen on the music, but it was fun to dance around a bit, plus the cosplay Doctor's dalek got out into the dance floor near the stage and started dancing, so everyone formed a huge circle around this Dalek and people would just jump in and dance with it XD One of Carly's friends put his red mage's hat on top of it too XD

Yes, Saturday was a fun, fun day and I'm sure that wasn't everything we did XD

Most of Saturday's pictures are here: http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j316/pannedimages/Amecon%202006%20Sat/
Amnael VS Manjoume pictures are here: http://pictures.pdunited.co.uk/Amecon/AvsM.htm (Click for bigger view :D)

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