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Amecon Report - Friday 11th August

Well, what can I say about my first delve into the world of anime conventions except for AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! XD Seriously I had such a wonderful time, my parents worried for nothing because everyone there was absolutely fantastic, seriously. A big shout-out and thankyou to Carly - for asking me along and basically being the driving force for me to finally go to one of these conventions I was originally too afraid to go to since they were quite a distance to travel too and finally to Sarah (And Richard) who let us stay at their house, I really enjoyed being there ^^

Before I go into my full report I just wanna give this pic to hobbit_hunter as I actually took this picture knowing she'd like it :3
Guess who I met at the con Saturday night?

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(Click for a larger pic)

Yes! There was someone there actually cosplaying as the tenth doctor from Doctor Who! We were in the room behind the stage as the J-pop/Anime disco thing was starting and what first caught my eye was the fact he brought a remote control Dalek that was wandering around, I then saw the fact that the guy controlling it was dressed up as the doctor, so I was all "Gotta get this for HH" XD
Sorry for the pic being very blurry, my camera is crap and was being pretty stubborn XP But hey, kinda makes it look more mysterious in a way 8D
There were a couple of Jack Sparrow's too but I failed to get any pictures D:

Friday 11th, 2006

So, we got up for registrations early, we got there about...sometime past 9am I think. Either way there was already quite a big queue and people were already cosplaying XD I was pretty much in awe this whole time cos it was like a dream come true!
After we registered, Carly suggested that we should go and help out the con so we signed up to be Gophers, Carly knows the anime club that arranges Amecon so that was fun to help out around the con even if at first we actually had very little to do and one of the other people helping out let us watch the first episode of PPGZ on his phone.
Eventually they found a job for us to do which was look over the anime screenings, though this split the three of us (*Me, Carly and Sarah*) up so I was a bit nervous since I didn't have a clue of the uni's layout ect., but I was lead to one screening and after a while the guy looking over it had to leave and told me if the full screen went small again to press "ALT" and "ENTER" to make it big, so I was in there doing that...bad thing was I was there doing that for THREE HOURS! XD; For the last hour or so they did keep promising to relieve me to I could get something to eat but no one came, though they were low on gophers it seems so it's understandable and hey the good thing about gophering in that showing was that I got to see a LOT of cool stuff:
Showing in the screening I was looking over was the first two episodes of ROD (Read or Die), the first two eps of .hack//sigh (OMG! I have a new love for that show!) and the most odd one was Requiem From The Darkness, quite a gruesome kinda one that, considering the first thing you see in episode 1 is some guy hitting a kid over the back of the head with a large rock and killing him.
Anyway after that Carly and I managed to escape our Gopher duties and met up with a few of her friends who were standing outside, we eventually managed to get into the dealer's room (*Such a huge queue XD*) and again it was awe city *___* SO MUCH STUFF TO GO THROUGH! EEEE!

...I spent just over £60 on plushies that day XD

Lets see, there was the opening ceremony on Friday, which was good, bar the technical difficulties which were pretty rampant through the whole con, but hey, most of the time they made the most of it, after all, Monica Rial did the Chicken Dance and encouraged the crowd to join in when they couldn't get their video playing XD

Ah yes! The AMV contest was on Friday night, that was AWESOME, terribly crowded but AWESOME <3

Now pictures from Friday: (Click for larger view!)

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Couple of pictures taken outside on Friday just after we escaped from the Gophering XD

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Chrono Crusade cosplayers :3

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Can't really remember which character this is, but their outfit was pretty :3 It's Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicle, I knew I reconized that outfit! XD Thanks to Jessi who told me XD

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Tyson and Kai cosplayers, saw them when we were joining the queue for the dealer's room and I was all "ZOMG! Gotta get a picture!" X3 I also have another pic of these two I took later on in the weekend. Just wanna say to Bayleef and Ashla that you two were awesome for doing the Beyblade cosplay X3

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This cosplay was awesome too, while I was wandering around the dealer's room I managed to snag a shot of this No Face cosplayer, they were in the masquerade on Saturday too.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A blurry view of the dealers room from the entrance which shows only a little of what was there.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Really bad pictures from the opening ceremony XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayer...a MALE Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayer...I didn't realize that this cosplayer was male until Carly told me XD Looking at the pic now, I can see the male-ness in the face XD And the fact that there is no chest XD
Loved the Hamtaro plushie~~~!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Last but not least...VASH! :D
Actually on Thursday night I saw Trigun for the first time as Sarah had it on DVD and I LOVED it, Vash is hilarious XD

Oh, and there were Jessie and James Cosplayers on Friday, didn't manage to snag a photo of them but they were awesome, even if Jessie had bright pink hair and James had dark purple XD They were carrying around a large Meowth plushie too <3

I'm gonna be posting the con events by day so not to get too overloaded with info, so Saturday and Sunday will follow soon! (All these posts will be tagged with the word "Amecon" as well)

Coming up we have Saturday which included Amnael VS Manjoume and the masquerade where...one show in particular really showed it's popularity!
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