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I broke another one >> <<;

So...today I blew up Nicole's oekaki.....
....that's what I get for playing with something I don't fully understand, thus the members and pictures just dissapeared, the pictures were still on the site, they just weren't showing up >> <<; In the end I saw no way to restore it so I re-installed...I feel so bad for the people who still had pictures to finish on there.
Right now I'm just trying to straighten everything out, although it WOULD help if the MySQL on the site would STOP GOING DOWN EVERY CHANCE IT GETS...not sure whether that's my site being awkward or whether it's related to this new update they're gonna run/are running >>; Blah...

So yeah, if you were a member on Nicole's board...you need to re-register...it's at the same address...

Also, so you know, my board seems to be having a problem with saving pictures, it seems when you save the picture, it saves but then the page doesn't go anywhere, no need to fear if it does that, the picture is saved on the board, you just need to ask someone to recover it for you :/
I'm hoping this board doesn't do the same -___-; Cos I followed the instructions EXACTLY.

I guess if there is any bright side, it's that blowing up and re-installing both oekaki's might of stopped the spambot problem >>; Heh.
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