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D/P Starters - Turtle/Monkey/Penguin

So the new D/P starters have been revealed and I don't mean the yet to be confirmed as fake or real set with the Kangaroo (*I so want the kangaroo to be real ;___;*)

Anyway it appears we have a grass turtle, a fire monkey and a penguin, so this set has gone the usual way of Grass/Fire/Water starters, though a lot of people are guessing we might have TWO sets of starters if the Fighting/Psychic/Dark ones are real, I'm kinda doubting they are though :/ Even though I want them to be real...would be neat if we got the first lot of starters in one game and the other set in another, I'd totally buy both Diamond and Pearl then XD
Anyway for these starters I'm really not very keen on the turtle or the monkey, but the Penguin is adorable <3 I'm so gonna start with that! X3

http://www.pokebip.com/pages/jeuxvideo/dp/images/scan_corocoro_092006_page1.jpg <--- The starters
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