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Winged Kuriboh YAY!

Wheeee~~! Managed to get my train tickets for Amecon :D Held up people wanting to get tickets for the Meadowhall train that was just about to arrive, but I wasn't as long as this one woman who seemed to be travelling backwards and forwards all over the place and all together hers cost over £118 :o Mine only cost £22 something so....YAY!
Can't believe I'm going next week X3 Eeeee! I'm like, excited and nervous both at the same time, both my parents now are just nervous, my mum, who had been constantly telling my dad "She's 23 and can do what she wants" now doesn't want me to go =p Ah well, I personally want to do this, not just cos I've been wanting to go to an anime con for YEARS but I want to push myself to my very limits of my confidence to build it up. Taking a train journey, on a train I've never caught before, to a place I've never been is quite possibly the ultimate in using every inch of my confidence up, not to mention I'll be meeting a bunch of new people XD;

Anyway I bought some drawing pads especially for it and I have a tiny art carry case that will fit easily in my bag, so I won't be short of art supplies while there :D My aim is to get as much Pokémon, Yugioh DM/GX and Digimon stuff I can find :D

Anyway also today I bought a new watch (*Strap on my last one broke XP*), a comb cos my dad has obviously misplaced the last one we had and I also bought "GX: Duel Academy" game, I FINALLY HAVE A WINGED KURIBOH CARD!! :D And it's winking too, sooooo cute X3 So yeah, maybe I'll play on that later, even though I completely suck at the game XD

Finally, anybody know anything about how to stop spambots posting links on message/oekaki boards? PDU's message board has had a lot of them recently and it might be that the Oekaki's are getting affected too :/
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