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Rambling about BGM

You know, the Sound Duel 2 question topic at Janime got me thinking about just how many new pieces of new BGM GX has that hasn't been released yet, so while going through the BGM guide/ramble for episode 95, I recorded the tracks that weren't on Sound Duel 1, I easily got 9 tracks which includes the altered version of "The Calm Before the Duel", and I know for a fact that is only a few of the new pieces in the show. I was just curious myself as a lot of people have been saying "There's not enough new music for a second CD" but I think there is, after all, just cos the last sound duel had 49 tracks (*47 being BGM*) doesn't mean the next album will have that many tracks. I mean, Sound Duel one only covered about the first 26-28 episodes, there's the music that premiered in both the Seven Stars arc and season 2 to go on CD. So I'm thinking that Sound Duel 2 MIGHT cover both arcs, but I'm gonna keep recording these new tracks and see roughly how many I'm getting XD

Either way, the music that 95 ended with? Yes, that must go on a CD soon!! Everyone loves that music. I believe someone on the Janime forums gave that track the title of "Impossible Victory" which probably makes much more sense than my made up title for it which was "The Hero's Last Stand" cos it tended to play not only in scenes where Juudai lost (*Which I think was against Edo and it also played over Juudai's episode 66 flashback to him losing the duel to Kaiser from episode 8*), but where the other main characters like Shou or Chronos lost, basically the "Heroes" of that particular duel, the ones technically seen as the ones you'd cheer for as a "Good Guy" 8D Ah well, can't wait to see what it's real title is!

Talking of BGM, I'm hoping I get both the Pokémon Movie 9 OST and the Digimon Savers OST before I go to Amecon :o Pocketmonsters.net will probably release the movie 9 OST before I do but I'll upload it here anyway once I get it ;D

EDIT: Went through episodes 91, 92 and 93 and I now have about 21 different pices of music XD
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