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Boo to the Hell Dorkaiser!

So I downloaded and watched episode 95 of GX...and a massive big BOO goes out to the Hell Dorkaiser cos he is STIIL THE DAMN HELL DORKAISER >< You suck Dorkaiser, go away DDDD: Gah, I was so hoping Shou would bring him back but he didn't even look PHASED, no hint that anything from that duel affected him, worse thing is there's no episodes coming up in the last bit of season 2 to suggest he turns back cos from now onwards it's mostly wrapping up the Hikari no Kessha bit, PLEASE don't say we have the Dorkaiser for season 3 ;~; (*Though that WOULD explain why he seemed so pointless in this season if he has a bigger role in season 3 ¬¬;*)

Anyway I'm now having to download the episode again, why? Cos I got the first one from the Chinese BitTorrent page and their encoding doesn't go well with me trying to re-encode clips from it, they go all slow and jumps/skips things no matter WHICH codec I use, I even re-installed the divX codec which I haven't had for a while but results are the same, encoding from the Saiyaman version is MUCH eaiser ^^;
So yeah, next time I need to just be patiant and wait for the Saiyaman version if I wanna pull parodies for it ^^;

Also a big massive thanks and hugs goes out to tortoises who kindly uploaded the score to the dub version of the second Pokémon movie for me, Go and download now to keep the links alive!" Eeee! I love this music so so so much X3!!

There was a pretty scary electrical storm about last night which kept flickering the lights. Luckily it JUST missed us but it was close enough that it was lighting up the sky and I could see the lightning and such *shudders* I didn't get to bed until about 4am XD;;
Apparently it's supposed to storm today too :/
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