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"There's not much to eat in the Shadow Realm, y'know!"


Looks like they may very well be bringing out a DVD Box Set of UNCUT and SUBBED Yu-Gi-Oh!

I waaaaaaant....

Other than that I was feeling very crappy all this past week but I seem to be okay now, besides feeling rather hot right now (*YAY! Warm weather for once!*)

I watched the second to last episode of the Battle City arc yesterday, I only chose to watch it yesterday cos I wasn't at work today, I usually watch the repeat Sundays for something to do before work.
Anyway I just HAD to watch it due to Marik being shirtless and Bakura stuffing his face in the battle ship kitchen X3 I actually saw the episode in raw japanese about 4 or 5 days before I saw the dub version too, I also read a review of it a few weeks ago, apparently when they find Bakura they ask if he remembers where he was but Bakura replies that he didn't and just woke up feeling really hungry, in the dub I think they ask him why he's stuffing his face and Bakura replies with "There's not much to eat in the Shadow Realm y'know" Whahahaha! So cute X3
Good marik and Yami marik arguing amongst themselves was very very funny too.

GOOD MARIK: Do it Pharaoh, attack me!!!
YAMI MARIK: No, don't listen to him!!!

Yami Marik trying to reason with good Marik once he got back in control was hillarious too XD

Hummm, I'm gonna go check out the new stuff on Go Gaia now XD
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