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Lots of Stuff to ramble about

The only thing in the fridge for me to eat for dinner was this cookies and cream treat thing I bought yesterday, there isn't even anything for a sandwich and I ain't cooking anything, not in this damn heat >< Guess I'll have to survive work on just this, I get a break though, might be able to have a small chocolate bar =p

Talking of work, yesterday they put me into the tent outside for a while, which is where we sell outdoor stuff like plants Barbeques, outdoor toys, it also wasn't very busy so I was sat down most of the time. Gah, it was hot in that tent though. It WAS nice to be outside, but the bad thing was I know NOTHING about the products sold in there so I couldn't answer anyone's questions X_____X;
"What kind of coal would you use for this Barbeque?" WTF? There's different types of COAL, WHA!? Or Charcoal, or whatever they meant just...wha? I know nothing about barbeques! And the person I was working with, who also had come over from the store to cover a break at this tent didn't know about the stuff either so...yeah...we were screwed >>;

Anyway Amecon wise my friend and I seem to have everything organized between the two of us, from what day we're going to how we'll meet :D Now I just need to make sure to make a list of everything I think I'll need to take. Hummm, as for cosplay, I was just gonna put a few of the symbols Togepi has on it's shell on a white shirt and wear that, although, if certain factors don't come into play, I may get some white trousers and put symbols on that too and then see if my mum can make wings like a Togetic's wings and put them onto the back of the shirt so I can go as a Togetic :D If not I'll at least be wearing a shirt with Togepi/Togetic symbols on it XD

I think all I need to do now is try and get my train tickets from train station, I've never gotten train tickets in advanced before so hopefully I won't sound stupid and hold things up for other people >>; I also need to get a bag to carry things in, I should be able to get one from work or in town.

I'm hoping I'll get the Pokémon 9th movie OST and the Digimon Savers OST before I go, I should get it either at the end of the week before or begining of that week, hopefully X___X; I have a track list for the Pokémon 9th movie OST, need one for the Digimon Savers one still XD

Also, one morning of rain yesterday and now it's back to ZOMG! HOT! D:

I want dad to take me up to Mam Tor before I go to Amecon but I don't think that's gonna happen :/

That's enough rambling for now I think XD
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