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The heeeeeeeeeeat!!!

I think I'm officially dead now X_______X; Heeeaaaaaat!!!

I don't even have my fan in my room anymore, my hamster was looking way too hot and even WITH the fan it is really warm in my room, so I decided to move his cage to the bathroom where it's a tad bit cooler and then put the fan on him there, so yeah...fan is outside my room now and I don't think we have another in the house X__X;;

Gonna have to leave Milo alone for now, the move and the fan has made him super hyper so he's chewing bars, clibming them, trying to climb down from the plastic ledges, trying to climb over his wheel :/ So I'm just gonna leave him and hope he calms down. Most of the bar climbing he was doing when I was there anyway, I read that hamsters don't like to be at low places like a floor but he's gonna have to deal for now, if he doesn't calm down I'll pop him back on the shelf in my room.

Oh! I started playing on my Pokémon Ruby rom last night for some fun, might continue that in a minute :D I tend to use the gameshark cheats to get Pokémon I otherwise shouldn't have though 8D I started off normally with a Mudkip (Kaiser) and decided I wnated my two other favourite starters, sogot a Charmander (Juudai) and a Chikorita (Asuka) and I must say that Chikorita was damn hard to catch X___X; It wouldn't stay in the ball!
On the off chance I came across a Ralts so I caught that for my team and named it Fubuki! :D And eventually I finished my team with Meowth (Daitokuji) and Pichu (Manjoume). I also caught a Cascoon (Koucho Ran) which I evolved to Dustox.

And yes, just like with my FireRed game, they all getting GX releated names until I run out XD

EDIT: Moved Milo back into my own room. As soon as I did he clamed down instantly, guess he just didn't like being in a different room :/ Or maybe the fan was upsetting him, though it doesn't seem to bother him now Oo;
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