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Passing the test

Today work was mean to me!!! XD

Not really XD You see, about almost 25 minutes before the shop closed, I got a real young looking lad in an air cadets uniform come to the till with some items, including some cider. Knowing the lad looked young I asked him for ID, he didn't have any. Now when this happens I like to get a second opinion and the supervisor wasn't around, so I asked the other person I was working with where the supervisor was, then told her about what was going on, at around this time I realized he had party poppers too and those you have to be 16 to buy (*But the till doesn't alert you to that unlike with things like alcohol and pain killers ect.*) So she said that we definitely couldn't sell them to him, so I said the same thing, so put the items on the side and told him the amount for the other items, he paid and left.

Turns out that this was a test the supervisor had been running XD The guy was under 18, although he was old enough to buy the party poppers, but I still has to question him on that whether he looked 16 or not due to the under 21 rule we have. So yeah I passed the test YAAAY!

Apparently one of the other people she tested didn't pass though XD;; But seriously, I wouldn't of sold him the alcohol at all, he looked way too young for that.
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