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POTC2 + Pokémon OST Question

So I wasn't lazy today and actually went to Meadowhall to see POTC2 :D Interesting movie, had some really good moments and you just cannot watch it and just not love Jack Sparrow, he's truly such and awesome character.

I also got everything I had planned to get at Meadowhall as well! I needed the 1st and 3rd Pokémon movies on DVD, Howl's Moving Castle and the POTC2 OST if the music was good and it was so I got it~~~! Meadowhall wasn't bad at all either! It wasn't overly crowded or anything.

By the way, this is a long shot but does anybody have this Pokémon OST: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_The_Movie_2000_Original_Motion_Picture_Score

It's the Original Soundtrack to the 2nd movie, meaning it's got all the background music from that movie, all the music I have been wanting for YEARS, ever since the movie came out! Apparently it was only ever released in some European countries (*Excluding UK*) and then was only available to the US through iTunes. I found it on iTunes but it's on the US iTunes and you have to live in the USA to buy them >>; Darn.
So yeah, if anybody has this album and can rip the tracks, or knows a place online it's being sold ect. I'd be so so happy.
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