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Okay, so I go online and there is a freakin' TON of D/P news that's been released :o Apparently the new anime is gonna be called "Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl" and it stars the girl from the new games as a main character, people are pinning her down as being a replacement for May, shame if they are cos I like May, but I'm sure this new girl will be awesome :D

And if you thought the 3rd generation was weird, just take a look at what the 4th is bringing us:


Looks like the Squirrel one is our Pikachu clone for this generation, but I do believe a lot of people wanted a Pokémon based on a Squirrel so Yay? :D I'm still waiting for my Hamster Pokémon >o
Anyway so I've heard, the little plant thing is named "Cherimu", the Squirrel is "Pachirisu" and that really weird, scary, scorpion thing is named "Dorapion"

New main legendaries were revealed too:


They are named "Parukia" and "Diaruga" :o! Parukia can distort space, Diaruga can control time and I found this quote on Bulbagarden to be really quite appropriate: "The two new legendaries should combine into a TARDIS Pokemon. ^__^"


Oh yes and the games are most definintly coming out 28th of September in Japan <333 I can't wait for the English versions!!

http://www.bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=13428 <--- Where I got the info and such from~~~~!
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