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Whooo! I now officially play Harley (* totemo_happii *) at charenjaa X3 They're still looking for loads of characters though~~! *Pokes people to join XD*

One of the volunteers at the Charity shop is leaving tomorrow and so they're having a little get together for her. Cream cakes/tarts and wine apparently XD But of course I don't drink wine so I'll bring a bottle of cherry coke with me. Might go into town a little early and walk around a bit.

And that Tesco express place was small~~! :o But handy for the people who live in that area who can't be bothered to drive/walk down the road I guess XD I got a Galaxy muffin out of the trip though~!

I wish my throat would stop tickling and making me cough all the time ~_____~;
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