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Harley very nervous?

I just saw an ad on the Pocketmonsters community for a Pokémon RP name charenjaa so I bit my lip and applied to be Harley XD;; It's just starting out too, so there are only a few people to get to know at first before others hopefully join, they also currently have a Tracey, Jessie, Tory and Wally, and someone who has applied for Misty but hasn't been accepted yet, so yeah they have a TON of characters not taken yet :D
So yeah, hope I'm accepted and that my harley smaple post wasn't too sucky XD;;

Sounds like my dad is finished in the shower, best log off cos we're both gonna check out the new "Tesco Express" store that's just recnetly opened...at the top of a road where we have a normal Tesco anyway....
...yeah crazy, ey? XD
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