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What to do? :o

So my dad is gonna be once again watching space shuttle launch or whatever since it was cancelled on Sunday :/ Means I have to think of an offline thing to do, I'll probably start on the caps for the last Kanto Grand Festival ep :3 Either that or draw a picture of Ash and his new Aipom because a lot of people seem to hate his new capture of the cheeky hat stealing monkey and the only arguments that are really flying about is "It's useless" Oo;, I personally see a Pokémon with a fun personality myself :/ Whether it's a good battler or not, who cares?
Then again, that's typical me, characters and their personalities always come first, it's why I don't mind most of the fillers in Pokémon since they're usually a lot of fun and it seems this Aipom is gonna give Ash troubles on the level of what Snorunt did just before and during the Hoenn Grand Festival and you know what, I LOVED Snorunt, then it evolved and got kinda boring :/
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