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Phoned in Sick

There I phoned in sick, I hate doing it but I personally think it's best I don't go today and have this day off to rest my throat. I hate having to do it to them but at least I phoned in early so if they need a replacement person to cover my shift they can find one...it was overtime the schedule gave me anyway XP

Gah a headache keeps threatning to come, my ears feel like crap, I'm hungry but I really don't feel like eating and this heat isn't making things any better XP

Okay need to get a drink, head off to bed for the next few hours then call my mum and tell her I'm not going (And ask if she has throat sweets, all mine expired so I threw them out :/)

I just really really hope I'm decently okay tomorrow, the charity shop really needs me to be there :x
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