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Blah, damn throat

Okay so, for the past week or so my throat has been feeling icky thanks to some white spot that decided to appear on the right side, I last got ones like that back when I got that cold for a month a few years ago, doctor told me it was mucus buildup or soemthing to that effect, although they had mysteriously VANISHED by the time I got to see her. Also around the time it appeared I've been having trouble with my allergies, suffering everyday even when the day was cloudy and wet, mostly the reactions I got at work too.

Anyway I read that gargaling water gets the white spots off, so I did that, got it off and it left an ulcer looking thing behind :/ Blah, that was a bit iffy yesterday but has been fine today (Mostly it just kept feeling itchy and my ear was often itchy on that side) but now my left side feels blah and along with it I just feel really icky...
...might be the heat really, I just hope I don't make up with a random sore throat tomorrow...

My throat has never been my friend D:
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