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A rather large ramble for episode 2 :D Like the title art? I decided I'd draw that cos back when I first saw episode two I meant to draw something like this, but never did. Very fun to draw that one XD

So lets see...

Watched episode 13 of Digimon Savers earlier ZOMG ANGST AND A CLIFFHANGER! Poor poor Chika, I feel so sorry for her, I feel sorry for Piyomon too D: Gosh just watching Aquillamon go on a rampage looking for Chika in it's zombified state was scary.
Perfect evolution sequence was awesome, so was the stuff before it with the angsty Masaru in the rain :o
Looks like next week they might reveal soemthing about Masaru's father :o

Also watched Doctor Who not too long ago...wow...just wow :o CYBERMEN AND DALEKS! Next week is gonna be explosive fun and angst and machiney clashing :D WHEEE!

Other than that it's too HUMID and my arms and legs ache from yesterday. Eight hours lifting heavy boxes don't agree with my body XD
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