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Sleep, Savers and Music

So early this morning, I get off the computer and it's so warm I just flopped onto my bed and fell asleep XD; I woke up several times but just couldn't be bothered to get up and do all my nightly routine things, so I stayed like that until about an hour ago XD Hahahaha~!

Just downloading Savers episode 13 now :3 I needed to get it cos my dad wants the net later on to watch some space shuttle launch -_-; But then again, I think that happens around the time Doctor Who is on over here on BBC Three :D So I guess that's good!

Ya know, the icecream van just came up the road playing a song I've heard before but I can't pinpoint where I've heard it, it's not a tune I've heard the icecream van play before either :/ Now it's really bugging me XD I assume it's a classical music piece but I really wanna know where I've heard it before. Ah well XD
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