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GX Episode Rambles yay?

So I finally figured what I'm going to be doing on Chocolate Orange (*Formally known as "Gotcha!"*) with the episode list. I originally wanted to do something like they do on Japanese sites and draw pictures for each episode to go along with thoughts on the episode itself, well I sat down over the past few days and did episode 1 and episode 91 and not ONLY did I just ramble like hell and draw a nifty quick picture, but added a selection of screenshots and a background music guide!

The BGM Guide idea I got from a Japanese Pokémon site that does something similar with Pokémon, lists the scenes different BGM is played in, lists the name and album if the music has been released ect. Handy if you ever come across a piece of music and can't remember what it was or if it's been released yet ect. :D Doing 91 was harder due to it being later on in the series so a few pieces played during that haven't been released as of yet (*And one track SOUNDED like a piece of music on Sound Duel 1 but was a bit different so I had to note it down like that*)

Anyway, here's the links to episode 1 and 91:


I got an 8 hour shift tomorrow, but I heard the weather is gonna be warm tomorrow so I think being at work probably is a good thing XD It's cooler in there than outside most of the time in the summer XD
Eh, I'm working on the Beers and Wines section because the girl who works on there needed her shift covering so she could watch the football I believe, I told her before I'd be happy to do it if I was free. Eh, probably not gonna be the most fun time as I'm sure the beer section especially will be ravaged by the end of the day I mean not only is it a SATURDAY but the football is on O__O; Meeeep! So yeah...fun times /end sarcasm

Knowing that place I'll probably spend more time on the checkouts than on the actual aisle anyway, heh and then I'll get the managers or whatever expecting me to perform miracles again :/
At least I have Sunday free, I also have next Sunday free and the following Monday :D!
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