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Next time I think I'll Pay Over the Phone...

So for those who couldn't read my friends only entry, Duel Box 5 has been held at the Parcel force depot so today I decided to meet up with my dad where he works in Sheffield so that on the way home we could stop off at the depot and pick it up. Well...after having my hair cut I decided to catch the 2:15pm train to Sheffield, the ticket place has just closed, staff shortages apparently, so I'd have to pay on the train. Looking up at the screen on the station, I noticed that on the first page there was a notice about disruptions at Kiveton Bridge, due to a "fatality" and by that they mean "Someone threw themselves off the bridge in front of a train" that was the thought that flashed in my mind and I was right, about five minutes before the train arrived, some woman comes up and tells us there has been no trains since 11am (Which is around the time this incident happened) but told us there was a bus out around the back, me and two other people follow her around to the back to the bus, but the bus has just come FROM Sheffield and is going onto Lincoln, then the guy says "A train just pulled in" and me and these two people bombed it all the ay back JUST in time to catch the train.

Kiveton Bridge looked normal, you wouldn't of thought anything happened there, although my information about it being a suicide came from the one lady who told us about the bus so...*shrugs* It'll be in the local paper on Friday I imagine if it was.

So fairly normal until we get to near Woodhouse when we stopped, at first I thought we were just stopping for another train as usual, but the conductors were acting a bit odd, one guy asked what was going on and apparently somewhere between Woodhouse and Darnell there were kids taking pot shots at passing trains with AIR RIFLES! -___-; The conductor reassured us the glass in the trains were strong and that it wouldn't shatter, but to try and keep away from the windows. Luckily we passed Darnell with no incident.

Other than that everything else was fairly straight forward, got to Sheffield, found where my dad works fairly easily...just XD
Stayed there for a while, we then left for the depot, we found our way to the back of the depot and had to go ask where to pick up packages only to find it's on the other side, found the other side and picked up the parcel, paying the custom charge. Apparently they hold parcels with customs charges now cos of a change in the system at customs so the man at Parcel Force said...oh well :/

I have a Duel box now, lineart of season 2 characters including Edo, Kenzan, Napoleon and SAIOU! :D Also Edo's monsters (*D-Heroes/E- Heroes*) and some of Kenzan's. Colour pictures are a lot of Kaiser, Manjoume and Asuka, Manjoume's DVD cover has the Ojamas on it too!! XD WHEEEE!!!

But yes, the train ride, very headdesk worthy...
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