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FMA Funimation Preview

I was taken back to see they already have released a few previews of FMA but after watching them a feel a lot better over it being licenced, looks like the dub may very well be alright, they keep the same serious storyline we all know and love, seem to be keeping the blood (*Whahahaha!*) and seems to be keeping original BGM music....but they're early trailers so nothing can be said for sure.


The first one is a preview of the opening "Ready Steady Go!" still in japanese, dunno whether they'll just dub it to english or keep the Japanese opening most likely will dub to English I imagine, sounds like the possibly yanked some producers kid to read the begining lines seems to WAY early for casting voice actors but the begining lines are similar to that of the fansubs.

The second trailer is to outline the story, I ADORE the mixed version of some of the BGM that plays over it X3

So overall I think....
.....bring out the DVDs quick damnit!!!! Or at least let England have the show *cries* I doubt we will though, England isn't that great when it comes to anime....sure they COULD show FMA late at night on the Toonami channel over here, hell they showed Cowboy Bebop and stuff about 10pm or something so please please please I beg of Toonami UK to pick up FMA and show it!
....yeah I'm just a tad obsessed ne?

Time to watch Yugioh!
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