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Digimon Savers and Allergy Complaints

I just looked through the pics on 2chan for episode 12 of Digimon Savers, I really really really hope Chika gets to keep the Piyomon ;~; They look so cute together!
Episode really does look awesome though and it seems the episode ends in a bit of a cliffhanger :o

And I love these crazy edits they do on 2chan sometimes, like the Misawa shrine and this:

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Gah, my throat feels so very blah and has done all this week, I really don't know what's causing it to be so irritated and itchy except that something is aggravating one of my allergies, bad thing is it gets even worse at work ~_~ Got one of those white spots at the back of my throat again, same as when I got them back when I had that cold for a month a few years ago, but if these allergies are effecting my throat I'm not surprised really. When I saw the doctor for that cold a few years ago she told me it's just mucus build up or something to that effect =p But most of the itchiness has been on that side ~_~ Gah, gets into my ears too.
Gonna take my allergy medicine before work and hope that stops it -_-;;

Like my new icon? :D May's Squirtle was even slightly irritating to me in the Pikachu ANA Ghost Festival short, I'm very glad that later in the season it stopped being so whiny :x The fact that it knows uber attacks doesn't really bother me.
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