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Weird Dreams Again

So just now I dreamt I went to my cousins house with my dad and it seemed empty. My dad wrote on a calendar in the kitchen to tell them we'd been there, then we walked into the hallway near the stairs and saw a little girl with really blonde curly hair, we were both like "They left the kids here" (*Note: they have two young kids a boy and a girl*) so I immediately thought this was their little girl. She got up and toddled into her grandfather's room, and her grandfather, my uncle, was in there, but there was also a lot of names on a list on the desk, apparently my cousin and his wife had tons of kids somehow in the space of a few years XD And they were all running about the house (*Some names on the list I remember were Imogen and Sasha*) Then my cousin and his wife appears and starts explaining the names and pointing them out...one was also called "Death Star"....no....I don't know why either. Each kid had a book or something, that I remember looking through but don't remember what's in it, then some lady comes in and asks for something, my cousin say "Yeah" so she takes this something and leaves to her husband that was waiting outside.

End of dream.

I have no idea where that came from at all XD
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