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What I could of done without today....

Curse my stomach! It hurrrrrrts! -_-;;;; It started hurting at like 9pm...
...that was one thing I could of done without today.....another thing being the mouldy beer I found on the shelf at work, it was HORRID -_-;; And it was 15 minutes before my shift finished too...
...decideing I didn't want to pick it up and carry it all the way in the back I decided I'll get a trolly to put it on and push it into the back, but upon my return the beer had GONE! O_O

Turns out a customer, who somehow didn't realize the 24 pack of canned beer was mouldy had taken it to the checkouts, luckily I spoted him and decided it was best me telling him and getting him another case of beer instead of letting him take it and find it all mouldy when he got it home -_-;;
Ewwww, but facing that mouldy box of beer and having the stomach ache at the same time was really not nice...really mould freaks me out....but at least it wasn't covered in maggots or something, now THAT I wouldn't of been able to stomach at all -_-;;

I should go to bed now, maybe my stomach will feel better in the morning, most likely will :p I have to go into work early tomorrow, I agreed to do overtime so I start 4 hours earlier XD yay....
Anyway I'm getting Yugioh episode 204 and I'll be finishing it tomorrow morning so I should be able to do my review at the Yugi fans LJ Community before work :D YAY!
Theif Bakura better not be eating any Garlic looking Onions in this episode though XD
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