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Random Ramblings (*Duel Box, Work, Skin Conditions!*)

Duel box five is on it's way to the delivery depot so I should get it Monday. I got customs charged again, but I had a feeling it would, currently the only ones to not get charged are the Osiris Red themed boxes and ONLY them, so even the customs people think that Osiris Red is worth nothing!? :o
Not that I'm complaining ;D Though once it gets to Duel box 7 I'll laugh if again, it's not charged (*As that will be the next "Osiris Red" themed one if they keep up with the current trend of going "Red, Blue, Yellow"*) But yes, I should get it Monday :3 Here's hoping I don't have to get my mum to wait in for it :o!

Other not so interesting things today include two guys who were quite foreign (*They didn't understand the term "Cashback" I tried explaining but...no*). Not sure what country they were from (*I'm guess Germany, most of our foreign customers sound German*) yet the most interesting item in their small shop was a England flag...
...who thinks they were buying it just to burn it or something? :D

Also at the beginning of this week my mum noticed the really badly dry patch of skin on my left elbow, I've had that freakin' YEARS, never bothered me so I left it, my mum told me that she thinks it's a bit of eczema or something :/ With that I've tried some of my creams on it, my antiseptic cream made it come out in little red spots and made it itch, normal hand scream also made it itch...wha?? D:
I think I'll just keep trying the antiseptic cream for now :o

Now to go and watch this weeks Japanese Pokémon ep! MORE HARLEY! And don't worry, he's not dressed up as May this week, shame, Mayley was a lot of fun!! XD
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