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PDU Update

Whooo! I managed to finish the episode guide for "Let Bagons be Bagons" today! <3 So I uploaded it with the "A Poached Ego!" guide and the pictures from episode 10 of Digimon Savers, which I released days ago just forgot to mention it on PDU :o So anyway, this means I can now finally move onto capping the 2nd Advanced Challenge DVD (*And writing the next two guides I need to do "Zig Zag Zangoose" and "Maxxed Out!"*) I'm hoping to get that DVD done by August when I get the 2nd Advanced Box Set and go back to capping those and putting the ep guides back up :3

YAY! Pocketmonsters.net have released the DVD OP/ED rips from the 2nd perfect best album :D Creditless openings!
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