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Damn Football ...XP

It started today....and I'm already sick of the World Cup...
...no wait...I was sick of it months before it even STARTED. God damn England flags everywhere...
Work today was so BUSY, you'd think it was Christmas if it wasn't for the heat, geez, the combination of the nice weather and that FOOTBALL THING made everyone decide to go out and come shopping on Friday to buy a hell of a load of barbeque stuff and beer for the weekend ~_~; Urg... It was still busy at 9pm, we're usually pretty much dead then...

Also over the next few months CDJapan will be sucking out my soul (*Or more....my money! XD*) With not only the next Duel Box to come, I also want to order both the 9th Pokémon Movie OST AND the Digimon Savers OST, the Pokemon one is out end of July, the Savers one is out begining of August, so I'm gonna pre-order them together~~! :3

Like my new Aipom icon? XD
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