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Just a trip into town

So I managed to get out into the sun today, even if it was only to walk into town. Needed to post something off. I also wandered into the renovated Woolworths store...
...damn, they certainly mixed things around in there XD I couldn't find where they keep the trading cards now though ;_______; maybe they're at the tills near the main entrance, I ended up needing to pay at the till near the back entrance cos I bought a DVD.
I decided to get the 2nd Pokemon movie on DVD :D Since I have movies 4-7 on DVD I decided a while ago I was gonna try and get movies 1-3 also on DVD. Woolworths had movie 2 but not 1 or 3, it was in a "buy 3 for 2" offer as well :/ So in the end I just had to pay the £6.99 for the one which isn't bad anyway XD

Might have to plan another trip to Murderhall Meadowhall to see if I can get the other two. I still need to get Howl's Moving Castle as well.

So yeah, I think I'll start capping the 2nd Pokémon movie in a minute~~! XD I haven't watched it in so long either.
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