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Just another one of those days...


I think today was one of those days when all the annoying people in my hometown came down the charity shop I volunteer in just to bug the hell out of us. One woman in particular really made me wanna headdesk right then and there.
This woman, who was foreign and could BARELY speak English, came in with a bunch of men. While the men proceeded to use a small table we were selling to fill out a bunch of forms she was looking at stuff and after they left she stuck around and EVERY SINGLE ITEM she brought to the till she was expecting us to lower the price, for something that was £2 she wanted it for £1, for things that were £1 she wanted it for 50p, not ONLY that but she couldn't get it through her head that we are NOT a normal shop and that we CANNOT get things in different sizes and colours ><;;;; She kept pointing to one blanket in particular saying "Big. I need dis big."
So anyway I had to keep taking things to the manageress and asking her if she could have it for cheaper, most of the stuff had old codes on it which meant they were about to be taken off anyway so she agreed on most, then when I rang that stuff through she was adamant she only wanted to pay £3 when the total was £3.50!! And the worse part was she has about another bloody pound on her!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Slams head against keyboard* I eventually just caved and let her have it for £3 because:
1. Some money is better than no money if she ended up refusing to pay for all of it and
2. I just wanted to get rid of her!
The manageress told me to tell her next time that if I've rung it through she has to pay that amount since I've put it through the till.

Also at the moment we have a selection of videos we're selling for 3 for £1, but those are ONLY the videos in front of the window, it doesn't include the ones by the till, but so many people thought it included those too when the sign on the ones near the window clearly states "The ones on this table" and there is no note about it on the ones by the till...oh except our note about the CDs that are there, which proves that people just read what they bloody well want too. That note states the CDS (*Which are under the videos by the till*) are 3 for a £1 as well, it doesn't say videos it says CDS!!

And then as we were closing up some guy decided to come in at the last minute and take ages looking around ~_~ He is actually a regular who does it quite a bit too.

I think the only thing I can be glad about is that the rather large woman who scares the hell outta me for some reason, didn't come in today. I have no idea WHY she scares me but really she makes me terribly on edge>>;;

So yes, it's Manjoume's "Just another one of those days" LJ icon seal of approaval today.
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