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So I decided I wanted to re-do and re-name my little GX site that serves little purpose right now XD Since I wasn't doing those comparisons anymore I decided that THIS time I'll make the site how I originally intended, to be a random ramble site with a bit of info and just crazy stuff XD Plus I wanna do episode rambles like how they do on some of the Japanese sites and similar to how Splash does her Digimon thought pages, with little doodles and such! :D Cos I have always wanted to do something like that! I may mention random dub things if there is something I've heard or seen that's worth mentioning.
I'm gonna try and do one for the next episode anyway and see how that fairs. I already have one picture done for it XD;;


The duel box scans will be back up on the site when I get to re-upload them and the current buttons are temporary cos I don't like them XD;;

And yes, the new name is "Chocolate Orange" :D Cos Juudai's hair always reminds me of my favourite flavour of chocolate and it was pretty much the first thing I thought when I first ever saw his colour picture XD

I should go sleep now :o
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