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Rambling for no reason.

Meh, I think I'll be keeping Monday free from work, I think I should use that day to clean my bedroom up to be honest, it's huge mess...again...I'm not the tidest of people :/
Work yesterday was one of those annoying shifts mostly, I ended up being a little late cos I just can't get used to shifts that start at half past the hour rather than on the hour >>; Eh, they didn't say anything anyway and I was only about 2 minutes late, but yes, some of the customers seemed rather annoying yesterday, like the guy who realized he didn't have enough money to pay his £80+ shopping so asked if he could go and draw money out. "I'll just be two minutes!!" he says and he expected me to wait for him...only I had a huge QUEUE! >/ Luckily we have the save transcation thingy.

Ehhh, just rambling for no real reason.

Oh and also I needed to ask I also want to set up the ability to do phone posts in a journal, but I looked at the numbers to call and none of the ones that appear to be in England are anywhere near where I live, does that matter? :/
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