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Second...in the WHOLE WORLD!

So another strange dream, this one was short and I'm sure there was more to it than I can remember, but it seems I was taking place in some international games and had to do some kind of obstacle course. After me and the others had completed it I found out I did it in the second fastest time in the whole WORLD! I got a little medal with a number 2 on it :D At first I didn't even realize I came second in the whole WORLD then after I realized it when I showed people the medal I was all "I came second in the WHOLE WORLD!"


Oh well, other than that not much going on. I'm half way through writing an episode guide for "On Cloud Arcanine", finally getting started on burning some CDs for slashslashx and Deviant Art, oh and after hearing some previews for some of his songs, I've ordered a CD by the Eric Stuart band :D Wheee~!

Should really start getting ready for work and stuff :/

Here's hoping GX is up by the time I come home :D
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