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Dreams again! :o

So this morning, when I fell back to sleep as per usual, I had a bizarre dream with such a mixture of stuff. First was something about cops and they were running some program where they let kids be cops for a day :o Seriously they took part in arrests and everything, why I have no idea, but one 10-year-old was yelling at the criminals all seriously XD And then one of the older cops was all "10 is just an age" :/ Okay..?
So next I'm with some cow farmer? And he has all these black and white cows which he talks for WALKS on MAIN ROADS and seriously there were LOADS of these cows, they took up the entire road, it was snowing too :o Some I'm walking along with him until we come to around the college in my home town, it's still snowing and there are a bunch of college kids waiting outside (*It's night too by this time*) Then I see some woman who looks like she's having a seizure of some sort (*I hate it when my dreams insert this kinda stuff into it*). It looked like she had stopped her car and fallen out of the door. She then gets up, and somehow pushes her car over the road as if it's on ice :/ She pushes it over to us as we're on the other side of the road where I stop her and ask if she's okay, she turns back and all she says to me is:
"I have a headache, that's all"

So at this point I'm trying to keep my distance from her cos I don't wanna catch whatever potential disease she might have that caused the seizure. I seem unsure but carry on my way as the lady calls someone on her mobile phone, she was calling a friend to get her and apparently her friend was Gwyneth Paltrow, how I dunno :/
Anyway SOMEHOW they get to their own house before we pass it so we decide to look in (*By this time I've left the farmer and the cows somewhere and I'm now with Helen instead*) There's a room and people arguing behind it, it seems they eventually find we're there but don't seem angry cos we were worried. I think the woman we saw had meningitis and so they were gonna call for an ambulance. Then one of the ladies she lives with gives me a key to their house/apartment in a pretty much "You're welcome anytime!" gesture.

And that was the end of the dream.

My mind is weird.

I love my Satsuma "WTF?" icon :D
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