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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 85 - Big Shiny Dragon!

Pegasus is awesome :D I so cannot WAIT for that Pegasus/Napoleon/Chronos triangle duel. But in the meantime lets talk about this weeks episode...
There was lots of screaming, lots of going up in flames and a big shiny dragon! (*Okay so it's a fake Ra :o*) Also lots of Pegasus going "Juudai-boy~~!" Hahahaha! Pegasus voice cracks me up <3 It's love! Juudai sounded really pissed off during most of the episode too.

Overall it was an interesting, action packed and rather nostalgic kinda episode! I enjoyed it :D

Still no new opening D: Though they did go to all the trouble of changing Chronos' principal title which is now completely crossed out and his animation was changed to him being all ";_________;"

....why not just give us a new damn opening altogether!? DDD: Stop updating this one!

I predicted the new opening may come with next weeks episode....but now I'm not so sure...would seem pointless for them to update the current one for only one episode... :/ Hummmm...guess we'll see.
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