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Cat Fight

It appears life is never boring around here.

Just now I heard to most hideous squealing and howling coming from outside, upon looking out of the bathroom window I saw it was two cats that appeared to be having a right brawl with each other right at the side of our house, seriously there is clumps of fur all over the damn road now. From the window I tried clapping at them to get them to break up, they seemed to run off a bit but only until they got to the road in front of our house and thus they started fighting again. I didn't want them to continue hurting each other or be laying in the middle of the road for a car to get them so I ended up having to go outside (*By the way, my dad did not hear a THING until I told him about the cat fight outside*)

Once outside the two were still going at it and seemed unaware of our presence at first, until I shouted "Oi" at them, to which they eventually got up, ran off up the road, went under my aunt's car and tried fighting under that ~_~; It's quiet now though so hopefully they've stopped.

The ginger cat I've seen lurking around every so often but I don't think I've seen the black cat before, I assume the black one was wandering, got into the ginger one's territory and lo behold, full on cat scrap.
But by the look of the clumps of ginger fur on the road, it appears the black one was winning :/

I get to use my new Yoshino icon :D
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