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I got up especially early today to work on the Digimon/GX fic that we were bouncing ideas around in the Duel Academy IRC channel last night. If you've read Pokémon GX, it'll be kinda that idea only with the GX characters with Digimon partners instead of being Pokémon anthros :D

I'm amazed by how well the ideas are coming together XD;;

Kaiser's Digimon is still in the decision stage. It really is hard to figure one out for him. neo_arkadia suggested "Darkdramon" for "Cyber End Dragon", though looking through the Japanese card list I can't seem to really find a line for him, though some of the Digimon listed in the evolution requirements may work:

Sealsdramon > Tankdramon > Darkdramon? :D

Shou's Digimon is a Trailmon, currently deciding which Trailmon he gets (Either Kettle, Angler or Mole, I'm leaning more towards Angler). For evolutions I might just have it go Trailmon > Locomon > Grand Locomon

Both Juudai and Edo get V-mon, Edo's is darker coloured. Juudai's V-mon follows the XV-mon line, Edo's follows the V-dramon line. Magnamon represents Shining Flare Wingman ;D So yes, the Yami no Items are gonna be replaced with the Digimentals probably.

7 keys > 7 Crests

Saiou has a Kudamon, but is being controlled by a Lucemon :D

Manjoume has an Agumon of a savers type personality (*"Aniki~~~!"*), White Manjoume gets Gladimon / Knightmon after he throws Agumon away.

The Digivice will be the same design kidna as the iC Digivice, but I'm trying to implement things like card slashing onto it XD Card slashing for evolution is the easy way to evolve your Digimon (*Most reds use this method*), Digi-soul is the harder way (*Most blues use this method...and Juudai XD*)

Lotsa and lots of ideas swimming around in my head right now! XD;;

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this last night <3
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