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Digimon Savers Episode 6

Let's see:

Masaru beat up 5 people and tried to beat up a Garurumon in this episode, in turn the Garurumon beat him up a little and almost ate him :/
Masaru also saved a little girl from being squished by a huge truck.

Agumon angsted in his Digivice most of the episode and lots of cars blew up thanks to the Elecmon (*Later to be the Garurumon*) screwing with the traffic lights and such.

This episode rocked :D *Works on screenshots for this episode and episode 5*

Oh and I finally finished up the fanfic page, I got rid of a LOT of old fanfics that were unfinished and around 2 years old and up :/ I don't see those being finished. Keeping them for a while just incase anyone asks for them to be put back up =p
Anyway this means after finetuning some stuff I might actually be able to launch PDU in the next few weeks! :D
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