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Updated Icons + Dream

I finally updated my Iconfiend100 Yuuki Juudai Claim for all those interested :D 21 new icons and now I have 65 done in total X3 YAY!

Last night I had this really weird dream that my dad bought this huge firework and wanted to set it off, problem is he accidentally activated it by messing around with it and it started sparking, with that my dad threw the firework into an empty car park and we RAN! XD We get to near Tesco's car park and you were able to see the fire work going off in the distance XD Afterwards there was a bit of smoke and burn damage to vehicles that weren't there originally. Both me and my dad were pretty much "walk past and pretend we didn't do anything" XD

It's half 4 in the afternoon and I haven't eaten yet O_O; *Goes to get food* Might go back to working on PDU afterwards ;D That fic section isn't going to get itself up :/
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