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Head hurting -_-;;

Stupid head, it's been hurting all day and I've felt really really tired -_-;;; I practiclly dragged myself out of bed this morning to tape Pokémon...I need to do the screenshots from those older episodes but I just feel so out of it....blah....
...I've been on Pepsi all day just to try and wake myself up, I think it's just made my headache worse although it got me through being at the Charity Shop at first I felt like I'd just keel over...
...although while there I went through the picture frames we had and found one that would fit Aris' Birthday Picture she drew for me so I printed it out and I'm putting it in the frame ^^ Gonna be one of the pictures I possibly hang up around my brother's old room when I get it done, I'm actually gonna fill in holes after I've had dinner (*Yes there are holes in the wall where my brother put screws in and stuff*)

I don't care what my dad wants to do with the damn phone line in there he doesn't seem to be getting round to it so I'm taking it upon myself to start doing stuff, even if I make a mess of it which i most likely will....I've never decorated it before...

My dad just called my hamster "Sensei".... he didn't even know what it meant until I asked him why he was calling my hamster a teacher...
....he even started picking up on what I call her which is "Molly-Chan" doesn't sound right coming from my dad XD
I swear he has a new nickname for her every single day O_o;

Oh well that's me finished rambling for a while...I want to sleeep....
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