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External Hard Drive YAY!

So I installed my external hard drive and I'm currently trying to move over my anime collection onto it. Just moved what I have of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and now I'm currently moving my Digimon collection over gradually :D *Now had Frontier all in Raw* I just need to get all of Digimon Adventure now.

I managed to save up all those remaining Savers screenshots XD Hopefully I'll get them up later.

I still need to watch GX episode 83, but I kinda breifly watched the parts with chibi!Ryou XD Ah, he was so cute~!

The sun is out and it feels so warm today X3 Maybe I'll get some washing done and hang it out to dry (*Exciting stuff! XD*) Oh and luckily the birthday card from my friend who works in the Royal Navy came today with an updated address, so I can send her birthday card off now :3

Also happy birthday to alicornmoon :D
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