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Whaaaa ;____;

It's 4am and I am STILL saving the screenshots for episode 5 of Digimon Savers, how long have I been at this now!? ;____;
I never EVER want to have to use the print screen method again! You hear that Savers episodes and PowerDVD? Next time cooporate together! Do not jump everytime I try and take a screenshot and take a picture of something useless, like a wall.

Anyway thanks to everyone who wished my a happy birthday! :D It was a cool day, but very very uneventful =p Didn't do anything special.

If I get the chance too clean up around my computer tomorrow, I will try and install this external hard drive ;D

Going to see that Queen tribute band tomorrow as well :D YAY!

Best finish these screenshots off, then go to bed :/
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