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About Today

So my dad took me to Meadowhall today...
...never EVER will I go to that place on a bank holiday ever AGAIN, way too crowded >>; And it didn't help when four teenage bitches decided it would be fun to push me -_-; My dad and I had to stop walking to let some people past who were walking the other way and I could already here them complaining behind us, once we started walking again it was a few seconds and then BAM one of them pushed me and I mean pushed so hard I actually stumbled forward and had to keep from falling over, I looked back at them and just glared at them and they were all there giggling like the immature little creatures they were. THEN they walked past us and one purposely knocked into me and went "You shuld wach where ya goin' like I am!11!"

Seriously, who brought them up to act like that?
I'm content in my thoughts though that even though I don't have much of a life, at least my life won't be where theirs is heading, most likely unemployed, with a baby before they're 18 and a drug addict boyfriend >/ Cos seriously, that attitude will get them NOWHERE in life.
This world can do with less people like them.

I calmed down afterwards when my dad took me to the nearby airport which only opened last year, it's amazing how many people were actually there to watch the planes land and take off. It was awesome to watch them though. Also beside where we were parked there was this former quarry and it was so pretty! I told my dad if we come again I need to take my camera and get some photos. Also part of the quarry was home to a huge family of rabbits. It was far away but you could see them running about on the grass <3 The hill was full of rabbit burrows. Too bad there's a big huge green fence there which might make it prove difficult for photos, although I spotted a few holes I might be able to fit my camera through to take them <3 I saw a sparrowhawk or kestrel too, the wildlife out there is wonderful!

Oh! And my dad got me an external harddrive for my birthday <3 Eeeeee~! Still need to install it and such though.

So right now I'm just downloading the raw of episode 5 of Savers which I forgot too get since my attention was on the Pokémon special. Talking of which I'm suddenly starting to think that the new Pokemon VAs and the old ones should duke it out with Pokémon battles with the way the wank on Serebii is going XD
Why not? Give them all a GBA each, give them a Pokémon to represent them which are both at the same level and the winner gets to do the voice! It would be the best competition ever! :D
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