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FMA licenced...? Damn...

Apparently Full Metal Alchemist has been licenced by Funimation...
...although I don't think it's been offically announced by them yet.
Meh, I picked a lousy time to get obsessed with that anime huh? Least I got episodes 1-31 before it was licenced and apparently there IS one subbing group who has said they'll carry subbing it, I have a few of their subs which seem good so I'm hoping they will carry on...
...chances are the dub will never reach England anyway -_-;; But I would like to see how Funimation deal with the disturbing qualities of the show.... oh yes I would...

If Naruto ever gets licenced I'll die X_x; I neeeed my weekly anime fixes damnit! *Clutches onto Naruto protectivly and eyes any US company that comes near dangrously*
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