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So...The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon...

Is it me...or did this special bore anybody else >>;

By the end I was thinking they should call it the Mastermind of Digimon Oo; Seriously, the way that the Mirage Pokémon's data broke up when defeated, the way Mewtwo "absorbed" that data at one point, the way Professor Oak said that he was sure that the Mirage Mew wasn't just data and that he was sure it possesed a soul...
...yeah they're Pokémon/Digimon hybrids I swear!

Anyway, the special...how can I say this nicely? ;___;
The voices were...so not the characters, some were trying to imitate the original VAs, others just weren't. Plus the acting wasn't all that great, they sounded like what they are...imitations, nothing more.
The script was probably why by 20 minutes into it I was losing interest and only kept watching cos I was capping the thing. Where are all those sharp hilarious lines? There were some points I could even say that after seven years of watching the show, I'd know what Ash would say in certain situations. The dull script and the dull acting made this one dull special to be honest.

Individual views on the voices?

Ash: His voice sounds kinda like a mix of Ritchie and Dub!Naruto, plus he came over as terribly arrogant with the way he spoke as well as what the script made him say. We know Ash has a lot of confidence, but this Ash's over confidence and gloating at the beginning just seemed so off. There were also times he would say something and I was like "No...Ash wouldn't say that".

May: Doesn't sound what May sounds like at ALL. May is happy and bubbly, her voice is high, yet this May's voice was deeper and she was not bubbly at all. She was boring quite frankly. When Max nearly got hit by a shadow ball and he fell over, she barely sounded concerned for him. This is not how May is at all. Plus her new voice made her sound so old O_O;

Max: Max's new voice didn't bug me as much as some others it's something I might get used too, but I love how his original voice can convey emotion, because his original VA can do it so well, so amazingly well!

Brock: His voice is TOO DEEP. If I was to liken it to any other voice it would probably be Zane from the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Again dull acting.

Professor Oak. His first line made him sound like a robot. Again very dull acting. Tried to sound like Professor Oak but kinda failed too.

Misty: I wasn't too bugged by her voice as such, at times she sounded like Misty but off-ish. I still prefer Rachael Lillis' fiery voice for her. At one point her "Puh-lease" and "Whatever!" made her sound like she's been picking speech up off her sisters >>;

Jessie: Started off okay, but sounded more like what replacement Cassidy now sounds like in the 4Kids dub.

James: ...Bring Eric back PLEASE ;___________; My god his voice was totally not James, it was just someone pretending to be James but FAILING TERRIBLY. His voice had more of that "typical rich boy" posh feel. I miss whiny, fruity James ;___;

Meowth: One of the better voices, holds NOTHING to Maddie's meowth voice though, but it least it kinda sounded like him...

Narrator: Okay...that sounds like the original narrator, the one that did the show up until mid-Advanced. If so...YAY!!! :D *Hugs the narrator*

Some of the Pokémon voices of course sounded off too, like Combusken. Squirtle's voice I'm actually pleased with, it sounded higher and squeakier like I think May's Squirtle sound like, Wobbuffet sounded no different really, so I'm glad about that.

The only thing that really made me happy about this special was the background music, almost ALL of it I recognized from the movies and it was all the original BGM, BGM that 4Kids tended to edit out and replace with their own. I'm expecting this is the BGM they'll use in the Japanese version, if and when it airs over there. But liking one thing out of all this is not good, overall I found the acting and script boring and if this is what the ninth season is like, I can see myself only watching the Japanese version from now on, seriously. I'll give the ninth season a chance but really...I don't see myself liking it...

Oh yes and the opening song to the special was TERRIBLE. Cheesy rap!? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease do NOT say that'll also be used for the 9th season, it was awful, just awful! I miss the catchy, easy to sing-a-long to dub openings that 4Kids did ;____;

And I think that is that...
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