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Downloading the Special Now :o

Ah good! Cartoon Palace got the special up (*And by the looks of it they used their really Hi-Def way of encoding so this means the screenshots I get will be good :D*) Right well, look out for my reaction after work once I get this all downloaded and such X____x;

I've had this special on my mind so much I dreamt about it last night XD;; There was this Pokémon destorying stuff, Ash, Misty and Max were watching with some other people when Brock comes out of a nearby forest with his dad for some reason, and his dad has hold of someone who looks like he's a family member of them XD And Brock turns to this guy (*Who looks like Brock but looks more Flints age and is wearing a white suit or something*) and is all "Do you see what you've done!?!?!" As for voices I dreamt Ash and Brocks sounded kinda off, Misty's was okay and Max sounded like a girl! So I was all "Noooo, Maaaaaax!! ;___;"
I haven't a clue where May was in my whole dream O_o;

There was also another dream about being near a lake but there is nothing really spercific I can remember about that one.
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